A Little Extra

I received some tremendous advice this week.
“Sunday, when you call you’re dad and tell him ‘Happy Father’s Day’ and that you love him, say a little extra to make it personal.”
In other words, don’t just go through the motions and routine.
Don’t just say what everyone says.
Don’t just say what is expected.
Make it personal.
I love that.
The gentlemen who gave me this wisdom lost his father years ago and – with tears in his eyes – said he misses him a little more each passing year.
You know what he was saying? He was telling me to not waste it. He was telling me to go ahead and tell him what makes him special, what makes our relationship unique, what makes him loved.
He was telling me to use language for what it was intended for: relationship. He didn’t want me to let Hallmark hijack the emotions and love I have for my dad.
This gets at the heart of prayer, too. Talking to and with the Father is personal. Intimate. Relational. Don’t just tell Him you love Him. Tell Him why. Don’t just tell Him thank you. Tell Him why. Don’t just tell Him you’re struggling. Tell Him why. Don’t just ask Him for stuff. Relate with Him. That’s why He sent Jesus, you know? So we would have One who could empathize with us.
Don’t let “churchy” lingo hijack a real relationship with God the Father.
So, let’s learn from a guy who lost his dad years ago and wishes he could take back the times he just went through the motions with his old man.
Be real with the Father. What’s the little “extra” you can communicate to Him today? Not a church phrase. Not religious mumbo-jumbo. Your heart.
Go ahead, say it.