A Second Time

“And the Word of of the Lord came to Jonah a second time.” (Jonah 3:1)
I wonder how many of you reading this need the Lord to do this for you? How many of you need the Lord to speak to you again, clearly, what He wants you to do?
Maybe you have been through a season of rebellion, like Jonah, and find yourself on the edge of a beach with fish guts dripping off your slimy clothes.
Maybe you have been doing life the best you can, but find yourself severely unsettled, completely unsure of what is next.
Maybe you just need for the Father to do for your soul again what He did 20 years ago. That thing He did in and around you, clarifying what He wanted you to do next.
Maybe you feel an unsettling in your gut and need the Lord to speak to you again about what new thing He is calling you to.
Maybe it’s a little bit of all the above.
To be fair, Jonah’s circumstance was unique. And to be real, his heart was nowhere near where it should have been (read Jonah 4).
But don’t you think that if God can go to a rebellious prophet a second time – bringing clarity to what He wanted Jonah to do – He can do it still today? Of course.
When was the last time you asked the Father who loves you – to the extent of giving His Son – to come “a second time” and clarify for you what He is calling you to do?