Advent 2019 – Day 7

From Fleming Rutledge in Advent: The Once and Future Coming of Jesus Christ:

“Even the tiniest sign of reconciliation, the smallest hint of forgiveness, the most minuscule glimmer of kindness is a sign that God is with us, our Lord Emmanuel. In even our most seemingly insignificant moments of fellowship and renewal, God is at work. He can use you to make a little piece of heaven come, if only for a moment, for someone, this very night. Never underestimate the power of a God who could have turned his back on us in wrath forever, but instead became Love incarnate, love that bore all things and endured all things, even to the cross, so that we might be restored to him and to one another. And so we may truly give thanks, tonight, for this ‘hope of glory’ and, in so doing, rededicate ourselves to his service, ‘not only with our lips, but in our lives.’