Advent 2019 – Day 9

From Tim Keller’s Hidden Christmas:

Whenever you see Jesus acting in the Gospels, you see him putting people into motion. He is like a giant billiard ball. Wherever he goes he breaks up old patterns, he sends people off in new directions. As we observed briefly in chapter 1, Jesus evokes extreme reactions. Some are so furious with him they try to throw him off a cliff and kill him. Others are so terrified they cry out, “Depart. . . . Get away from me!” Others fall down before him and worship him. Why the extremes? It is because of the claims about who he is. If he is who he said he is, then you have to center your whole life on him. And if he is not who he said he is, then he is someone to hate or run away from. But no other response makes any sense. Either he is God or he isn’t—so he’s absolutely crazy or infinitely wonderful. The modern world, however, is filled with people who say they believe in Jesus, they say they understand who he is, but it hasn’t revolutionized their lives. There has been no crisis and lasting change. The only way to explain this is that, contrary to what they claim, they haven’t really grasped the meaning that he is “God with us.”