Authority to Cast Out Demons

“Jesus called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out impure spirits and to heal every disease and sickness.” (Matthew 10:1)

Have you ever wished you had authority to cast out demons?

Me too. Especially when my children are, well, you know…

Recently, while thinking about this text and how Jesus sent His followers to those in need, I wondered why He doesn’t do the same thing today.

Or does He?

Without doubt, Jesus sends His followers out looking for those who are welcoming them into their lives. He sends us out into a broken world full of hurting and broken people. Usually, when someone welcomes us into their lives, it is due to some sort of pain or frustration or suffering they are experiencing.

It may be demonic.


Maybe not.

But I bet you have more authority than you think you do. You may not have authority to cast out a demon while channeling your inner Benny Hinn. But you have been given authority by the One who sends you.

Jesus never wastes anything. Jesus never lets anything fall to the ground without purpose or intention.

Jesus sends out some who have authority on how He heals from and through divorce.

Jesus sends out some who have authority to counsel how to endure when the marriage is hard.

Jesus sends out some who have authority on the presence of the Father in the midst of cancer treatments.

Jesus sends out some who have authority on how the Spirit shows up in the midst of anxiety and depression.

Jesus sends out some who have the authority to empathize with someone who just lost a spouse.

You may not have authority to cast out a demon. But you do have the authority to speak into how the Gospel of Jesus Christ dispels demonic activity.

Look around today. Open your eyes. Take your earbuds out of your ears. There are people around you whom God has sovereignly put that are – if you are paying attention – welcoming you into their lives. Many – maybe even most – will be enduring something you have authority to speak into. Don’t waste it. Empathize. Lean in. Have the Gospel Conversation. Connect the dots for them. They’re right. Life’s not supposed to be this way. YOU know how the story begins, ends, and what God did to make it all better.

Use your authority. It’s been given to you.

Who knows? Maybe there will be less demonic presence today because of you.