Barabbas – 20 Questions

What did Barabbas do after he was released? 
Did he realize what had just happened?
Did he stick around to watch what would happen to the One who was innocent?
Did he wonder if Jesus was getting what he deserved? 
Did he go home and make things right with those he hurt?
Did he use his newfound freedom to stir up more riots?
Did he go and celebrate with his friends?
What did Barabbas do when he learned Jesus rose from the dead?
Was his life different because he was free?
Did he ever get arrested again?
Did he have a new perspective on life?
Was their awe in his spirit that he never got what he deserved?
Was he grateful to the One who “took it” for him?
Did people stare at him as the one who should have been punished?
How many people got to hear his story?
Did people judge him because he got off free?
What did the family of Barabbas’ murdered victim think?
Was he there at the crucifixion? 
Were the criminals next to Jesus on the cross two of his cronies?
Did he try to let the criminals next to Jesus know who Jesus really was?
We don’t know, do we? We don’t know what Barabbas did with his freedom. The Bible doesn’t tell us what he did. But what happened to him is the exact thing that has happened to any who believe. We who are guilty are released as free because the One who is innocent took our place. The question isn’t really what happened to Barabbas, is it? The question is, what will YOU do now that YOU are free?