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Helping Those Who Think They Know God

I’ve written elsewhere my conviction and calling to preach to “churched” people. I want to help those who think they know God see and experience and taste the God of the Bible. In other words, there are so many who really believe they know the God of the Bible but don’t yet. They’ve read and studied their Bible’s. But they have yet to truly encounter the loving God behind it all. I am called to help change that – even if only for a few. Jesus did this. He wasn’t satisfied with the “church” people’s understanding of God. He wanted...

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Tillers of the Soil: Preacher, Help Them Understand!

Recently I was struck by a word Jesus used several times throughout the Parable of the Sower in Matthew 13. The word used in English translations is understanding. Those who hear the word and understand it are those who produce a multiplying crop. Those who understand have good soil so the seed can take root. On the other hand, those who hear the word and do not understand are like seed that falls on the hard path.¬†What struck me was the difference between the people who respond to God’s Word (or, in the parable, the different soils). According to Jesus,...

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