Eyes: A Letter to West Franklin

“Light in a messenger’s eyes brings joy to a heart. . .” (Proverbs 15:30)

West Franklin Family,

One of the things I miss most right now is your eyes. I love looking you in the eye. I need to look you in the eye. Your lips can lie to me. Your eyes can’t. You can tell a lot about a person by their eyes. I have often joked with my wife that the Lord didn’t need to give her a mouth, because I know what is going on by the look in her eyes. (And, by the way, her eyes are stunning.)

Facetime and Zoom help . . . but still. It’s not the same. You can fake it with pixels.

I have a hard time pastoring if I can’t look you in the eye. I have to assume way too much. And I do NOT like assuming. I need to see you.

I can see it in your eyes when you walk in Entrance A. I can see it in your eyes when I ask you if you’re making it okay. I can see it in your eyes when you are wondering if you can go on another step. I can see it in your eyes when a biblical truth lands on your soul. I can see it in your eyes when the Spirit is revealing something to you. I can see your eyes dance when you laugh at something dumb I have said. I can see it in your eyes when you are being prompted to repent of a sin. I can see the relief in your eyes when grace is being showered in your heart. I can see the joy emerge from your eyes when you share good news with me. Some say we wear our feelings on our shoulders. Nope. We wear our feelings in our eyes.

Eyes really are the window to the soul. My work is soul work. And it is hard to do that when I can’t look you in the eyes.

Why do I tell you this? Well, one, so you will feel sorry for me. Haha. Just kidding. No. On the one hand, so you will pray for the Father to give me, and our staff team, wisdom on how to best shepherd you. We will be opening the doors of our campus soon (hopefully!), but even then – it will be a slow, gradual return. It will (probably) still be a long while before we are all able to look each other in the eye. Pray for wisdom from the Spirit to “open the eyes of my heart” so I/we can best pastor and lead in this time of distancing. Know that the wisdom the Father gives me and the team will directly impact you.

But there is another reason I bring this up. What YOU see matters. It’s not just looking into another’s eyes, but paying attention to your own eyes. What are you looking at? What are you paying attention to? What are you allowing your soul to stop and observe? What are you considering in the present moment? What is the loving, gracious, all-powerful King of the universe doing around you, right now? What do you see?

What you choose to see matters. Read that sentence again. What you choose to see matters. One of the ways we feed and fuel and guard our hearts is by paying close attention to what and why we see.

  • Who is in your life right now that needs you to see them?
  • Perhaps you are alone. How does the Father want you to see you? (Read that question again. . .I’m serious. . .it matters.)
  • Why do you place your eyes on the news?
  • Why do you let your eyes follow your finger that keeps scrolling your phone?
  • When was the last time you went outside, simply to see?
  • Who do you need to look in the eye today to enjoy the image of God in them?
  • How do you see Christ’s kingdom breaking in around you?
  • What do you see Jesus inviting you to join Him in?
  • Do you need to ask someone close to you what they see in your eyes?

Pray for wisdom for me and your West Franklin staff team as we proceed to shepherd you when we can’t see you. And pay very close attention go what you see. Some things may need to be removed (or turned off, or powered down). Other things need to be seen and observed and meditated on.

It matters what your eyes see.

Until I Can Look You in the Eyes,

Pastor Matt


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