Guys, Valentines is On the 14th This Year

He had a look of terror in his eyes. A look that said, “uh oh.” Without saying a word, he said loud and clear, “Oh. Shoot.”
He quickly excused himself to go take a shower before bed.
You see, his mother made a simple statement the night before the calendar turned to February. She said, “Tomorrow is the first day of Valentines Day Month!” Four of the five Pearson’s expressed their own version of delight. The other Pearson was suddenly struck with middle school horror.
Our youngest son has his first girlfriend. I am not sure what that means exactly, except sending three letter texts (“WYD”) and laughing face emojis at random times throughout the day. By the way, “WYD” means “Whatcha Doin?” (Translation: “What are you doing?”).
He’s never had to think about Valentines Day before. Prior to 6th grade, the only thing he worried about on this day was what chocolate his momma would get him and how long the party at school lasted.
But middle school? That’s the big time.
No more parties. No more “required” Valentine exchange. No more superhero baseball card size pieces of paper with a sucker crammed through the middle. Nope. At middle school, you aren’t required to exchange with everybody. At middle school you have your own Valentine. Middle school not only means you wear athletic pants, a hoody, and Axe Body Spray every day – it also means if you want to get chocolate, you better have your own Valentine. If you want to get something on the “Love Holiday,” you better give something to your crush.
Hence why the look of terror. The concept of Valentine’s Day at middle school is new to our beloved son. But you could tell by the look in his eye he was on a lightning fast learning curve.
About an hour after excusing himself upstairs he came back to the kitchen with a whole new look on his face. He looked like you do about 5 minutes after you wake up from one of those embarrassing dreams where you show up to work without your clothes. An expression of relief. A look of finally making it to the bathroom after drinking too much water on the way to the beach. He was a new man. He proudly declared, “I asked Google. Valentines Day is on the 14th this year, so I still have two weeks.”
God love him.
He didn’t yet know that, just like Christmas, a new year, our nation’s birthday, and his birthday – Valentines Day arrives on the same day ever year. To his great relief, he discovered he still had two weeks.
Crisis averted.
Now he has time to save up enough cash to get her a mini size box of Whitman’s.
Why do I share this? For starters, I find it hilarious. (BTW – if you let any of my children know that I posted this, I will call you a liar – LOL). By the way, “BTW” means “By The Way” and “LOL” means “Laugh Out Loud.” And, just for kicks, I recently learned that “ROFL” means “Rolling On the Floor Laughing.” (I might just be one of the hippest pastors you know.)
But I also share this for you husbands out there. The countdown to Valentines Day is on. You have one week. Google it. It’s true. I don’t know what your girl wants or needs on this day, but you better. It may be a big deal to her. It may mean nothing. But let me encourage you with something: whatever her bent on this day – make sure she knows that YOU know and have prepared accordingly.
You might even want to send a “WYD” text on Valentines Day. Not only will she love that you want to know what she’s doing, she might just think you are one hip hubs. (“Hubs” is short for husband. . . Google it.)