Hamburger Helper vs. Filet Mignon

“Better a dry crust with peace, than a house full of feasting with strife.” (Proverbs 17:1)

What would you rather have? Peace or a Feast?

You can’t NOT afford counseling. Better to take time off from work and get professional help, than to keep at it – trying to force it away with more money. Is counseling expensive? You bet it is. But it’s better to eat Hamburger Helper every meal where there is wholeness, than filet mignon where there is division.

Why are you gone from home all the time? To make more? So your family can have lobster instead of Captain D’s? Take a different job. Be present with your family. Better a meal with cheap and greasy fish and chips where there is laughter than a formal meal with anger.

Wisdom says it’s better to be hungry and whole than frustrated and swole. Better to eat crumbs and be hopeful than to be lavish and “just survive.”

What about you? What might you be pursuing that is sacrificing you’re family’s well being? You can afford it. Better a dry crust. . .

Wisdom says so.