Know the Shepherd

In reality, the reason we sheep so often let other “shepherds” guide us is because we really don’t trust THE Shepherd. And, the reason we don’t trust THE Shepherd is because we don’t know Him. The more you know about Him, and the more you experience what He says to be true about Himself, the more confidence you place in Him.

Here are 3 ways you can begin (or continue) this journey immediately:


Nothing can substitute daily feasting on the Word of God for yourself. Nothing. Pardon the word, but in keeping with the 23rd Psalm theme, I cannot stress the importance of constantly “grazing” on the green pasture of the Bible. Sheep can’t go without eating. Neither can you. Jesus said, “Man cannot live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from God” (Matthew 4:4). You cannot know the Shepherd if you do not spend time with Him. Make it a point today to begin spending a few minutes with Him in His Word every single day.

Need a plan? There’s one here. Or here. Or here. Don’t like these? Try a Bible Plan Generator here. (I’m serious)


Church small groups have many different functions and purposes. But one thing you will certainly get in every group setting is Bible teaching. A gifted teacher with others who are learning the Bible. So, if you want to grow even further in your knowledge and experience of the Shepherd, make it a priority to join a group. Like, right now. Like, click here and then email this guy. Now. I’ll wait.


Every single week we gather corporately. And every single week you can be guaranteed of two practices: Biblical Singing and Biblical Preaching. In other words, you will learn of the Shepherd through song and you will learn more of the Shepherd through preaching. Don’t let weekly, corporate gatherings be something you do “every now and then.” Make it a priority.


The LORD cannot be your shepherd if you do not trust Him. You cannot trust Him if you do not know Him. Which of the three “G’s” above do you need to prioritize now? Seriously. Which one? Decide now and act on it. Go ahead. I’ll wait.