Mary and the Good Samaritan

Have you ever noticed the connection between the story of the Good Samaritan and Mary listening to Jesus (while her sister frantically rushed around the house)?

Luke, led along by the Holy Spirit, put these stories right next to each other (Luke 10:25-42).

In one instance, the religious guys were too busy to give any attention to an obvious ministry need right in front of them.

In the other instance, the religious sister was too busy to notice the “one thing that mattered” under her own roof.

In one instance, a Samaritan took time – much time – to make sure an injured man was tended to.

In the other instance, Mary took time – focused time – to make sure she heard everything out of her Master’s mouth.

The religious guys were too busy looking at how they could please God that they didn’t even notice what was put in front of them. They were so busy getting to their next ministry assignment, they ignored genuine ministry. They were so focused on making sure they stuck with the day’s agenda, that they missed the One who sets the agenda in the first place.

Similarly, Martha was so busy “pleasing” God she never took the time to hear what He really wanted for her. She was so busy doing things for Him, she forgot to actually be with Him.

What about you?

Do you notice the ministry put right in front of you, or are you still looking for what might happen with your planned agenda?

Are you open to what God might be doing right under your nose, or are you too “booked” to notice?

Is there any margin in your day, your week, your budget, for unexpected – but God ordained – interruptions (aka, ministry opportunities)?

Are you so consumed with making everything perfect that you have forgotten to be with the One who already is?

Stop. Breathe. Rest. Relax. Ask the Spirit to reveal to you what He is doing and where. His agenda might not be yours. But I guarantee you this: it will be far better than yours will ever be.


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