Purpose: A Letter to West Franklin

Dear West Franklin,

Tomorrow will be week #2 since we have seen one another on a Sunday morning. It’s true, isn’t it? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Your pastor didn’t know how much he needed to be with you until he couldn’t. I don’t really fear the virus. Honestly, I am not scared of contracting it. Maybe I should be. I do have a fear in the midst of all this, however. My fear is not knowing how long this will last. That, if I am being honest, is what troubles me most. Part of that “trouble” is not being able to be with you.

You know what, though? The Apostle Paul was often far from his congregations. He probably spent more time away from them than with them. What did he do? Wrote letters. Love letters to the men and women he cared for so deeply.

If it was good enough for Paul, it’s good enough for me. So here goes. . .

Thursday morning, I read this from Proverbs 19: “Many are the plans of a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.” (v.21) Chew on that for a few minutes. Seriously. I’ll wait. How many plans have you had interrupted over the last 10 days? Me too. If you’re like me, you are still making adjustments – constantly re-planning or rearranging your life. God isn’t surprised. God isn’t worried. As we say in North Alabama, “He ain’t skeered.” He is simply allowing His divine purpose to prevail. Don’t blame Satan for this pandemic. He doesn’t deserve the credit. Sure, this is a result of living in a Genesis 3 world. But the LORD has His purpose in allowing it now. Lean into that.

I’d love to hear from you how you are seeing and experience the LORD’s purpose(s) through this. We all need some good news. Share it on our Facebook Page. Reply in the comments.

I thought you’d like to know some plans for the immediate future (understanding, of course, that the LORD’s purpose will prevail. . . ). Here are some things you can look forward to as they stand right now:

  • Tomorrow morning (Sunday, March 22nd), Jay Strother, Wade Owens, Brad Cleveland, Luke Roman, Justin Tweito, and myself will be leading a live-stream worship service together from the Station Hill Campus. The livestream will air at 9:30 am, be replayed at 11:00 am, and available for playback anytime during the week here.
  • For future Sunday’s (after tomorrow), the plan now is for the West Franklin staff team to lead you in worship services that will be aired and available for you Sunday morning’s. So, after tomorrow, until we are able to meet together again, all campuses will be recording and showing their own services to their campuses.
  • Starting THIS Monday, March 23rd – Your West Franklin Staff Team will bring a daily devotional via video, posted on our West Franklin Facebook page. The devotionals will come from our church-wide Bible reading plan.
  • West Franklin Talks – Our very own weekly Podcast will continue, and air a new episode every Thursday morning. Email us with topic ideas!!! (Email addresses provided below)
  • If you, and/or people you know have prayer needs – Text the word “PRAY” to 623623. The only people who see these are West Franklin staff. Let us know how we can pray with/for you.
  • Follow West Franklin on Social Media for updates. Our website, Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter. We will post news, updates, and random things as often as possible. Don’t forget to dialogue with us and each other on these platforms!
  • Dave Kruse is meeting and having dialogues with LIFE group leaders about how groups can meet virtually. Be on the lookout from your leaders on forthcoming opportunities.
  • Meaningful and Gospel-impacting ministry is still happening! Though it looks different, ministry is taking place in a vast variety of ways. Thus, giving still matters. For a video on how to text to give and/or give on-line go here. Allow this season to give your soul the opportunity to experience God’s presence.  Rely on His provisions for you by continuing to honor Him with your wealth.
  • Due to national, state, and now local regulations – West Franklin will only have a very skeleton crew on our campus during the week. The BEST way to reach one (or all) of us right now is via email. Here are our addresses:

Matt Pearson – mpearson@westfranklinchurch.com

Dave Kruse – dkruse@westfranklinchurch.com

Brad Cleveland – bcleveland@westfranklinchurch.com

Josh Lynn – jlynn@westfranklinchurch.com

Kelly Davenport – kdavenport@westfranklinchurch.com

We will be checking email on a regular basis. This will be one of the best ways to reach us until further notice.

  • Call or text each other! Check on one another. If the Father brings someone to your mind, check on them! In the five years I have been with you, I hear most often – “I love this church because it feels like a family!” Let’s keep it that way! Let’s do what we do, West Franklin. It looks different, sure. But the LORD’s purposes are prevailing.
  • Pray for one another. Ask the Lord to bring people to your mind. As He does, pray for them. He is listening. He hears. He will answer in His loving way and in His loving time.

That’s it for now. Your pastor loves you and can’t wait until we meet again.

To quote one of my favorite authors. . .

“Love Big, Be Well.”

Pastor Matt