Sermon Illustration: Making Disciples (Football Edition)

If you’re a dad of young children (particularly boys), you are making disciples. Trust me. Making a disciple happens, period. Dads (and moms, but for the sake of this illustration bear with me) make disciples all the time.

Next Saturday, notice what shirt or hat your son is wearing. Or, notice the questions he asks you. He’s probably wearing something that represents “your team.” He’s probably asking what time the game starts, or if the team is going to be any good this year, or who “we’re” playing.

He probably already knows that your day is scheduled around watching the first game of the season.

Your son is a disciple of yours. He likes the team you like. He wears the clothes of your team. He cheers for your team. He dislikes the other team(s).

And you know what? You didn’t sit him down and teach him a thing. It just happened. He is following and learning (what a disciple is) exactly what he’s seen his daddy do.

Dad, you are making a disciple.

We all are. We can’t help it. We are all making disciples of something.

The question is, “Are you making any disciples of Jesus?”