Still in Awe. Thank You, West Franklin Choir

West Franklin Family,

Sunday was a HUGE weekend in the life of our church.

Renovated building open for “business.”

New Student Minister, Nathan Page.

Three baby dedications (by the way, West Franklin had 7 couples give birth over the last year with 2 more currently in the “oven” . . . and I haven’t even preached through Song of Solomon! .  .  . ha).

And. . . drum roll please . .  the Christmas concerts. Oh my. Speaking of drums. . .did you see the guy in the baptistery during “Drummer Boy”? Whoah. (FYI, click here to watch the entire concert!)

When you top it all off with hot chocolate, cookies, brownies, and peanut brittle. . . that’s what I call a good day.

So much could be said here, but I want to publicly (well, for three or four people who read the blog) thank the West Franklin choir (including musicians, tech, media, sound, etc.). It’s been over 24 hours since the final concert and I am still blown away. Apart from it being an amazing performance, let me give you three reasons why I am incredibly grateful for each of you.

First, you sound like a 100 voice choir. 

I am not sure an exact count (30, maybe?), but if I closed my eyes, I would have guessed there were at least 100 of you in singing. You sounded that loud and that large. You gave it all you had. You do every week, of course. But yesterday was a “cut above.”

BTW – I didn’t want to close my eyes because I LOVE seeing the joy on your faces and the fun you all have together!! (Besides, who doesn’t want to see Colleen’s face get red when she blasts those notes!?!?)

Second, you believe in what you are doing.

Throughout the afternoon and evening, I met new people. I introduced myself over and over and over. When I asked them why they were there, the response I kept hearing was, “(a choir member’s name) invited me.” You asked people to come. Friends. Family. Coworkers. Acquaintances. You wanted them to hear about and experience the love of Jesus. You were completely bought in to what you were doing and were confident in it enough to invite people to come. And they did!

Third, you are real. 

All over the city of Franklin there are churches who do things well. Really well. Churches do ministry, programs, and Christmas concerts with excellence. And so do you.

But there’s a difference.

What sets you apart (in my completely humble and unbiased opinion) is the fact that you minister with excellence AND authenticity. You aren’t just performing. You aren’t just presenting music. You are ministering out of a real overflow of love for Jesus, for each other, for our church family, and a desire for others to enjoy all this too.

You’re real and you strive for musical perfection. You’re extremely talented and you’re just gonna be you. I’ve seen a lot of ministry done with all excellence and no heart. And I have seen a lot of heart with poor execution. But rare is the group that does both and does both well.


Thanks to you, “O, Holy Night” (thanks Mark) and “Little Drummer Boy” (thanks Gary) have been bouncing around in my head all day. As well as a gratefulness of the honor and joy of pastoring such a fascinating group of Jesus followers.


What about you? What was YOUR favorite part?