Target and Flag Football: My Two Boys

I am sitting in my car watching my youngest son play a scrimmage flag football game.
Forty-give minutes ago, I dropped him off here so I could go to Target and the hardware store to get supplies so my oldest son can redecorate his room.
I am watching my youngest son having the time of his life, soaking up every second of being the quarterback with some of his best friends.
I imagine my oldest son trying to wait patiently at home, wondering with great angst if I picked up the right materials.
One son would rather be playing a scrimmage flag football game than be sitting at Bridgestone Arena watching our beloved Tigers play basketball. Translation: he would rather play than watch. Rather sweat than drink a coke. Rather get dirty than sit in a box seat.
The other son would rather completely redo his bedroom than eat or sleep. Translation: if it is on his mind to do, nothing – I mean nothing – else matters than doing whatever “it” is.
One son has Zion Williamson as his home screen on his phone.
The other son makes Instagram videos of his phone.
One crams Oreos in his mouth like a squirrel stuffs nuts.
One would bathe in queso from Chuy’s if his mom would let him.
I have two completely different boys. One is all athlete. One is all theater. One is all ball. One is all Disney. One is Madden 2019. One is TikTok. One is Oreos. One is Tacos.
Why am I telling you this? Honestly, I don’t know. Sometimes it just hits you. Know what I mean?
One, it’s overwhelming to think that the Father entrusted Katie and I to raise two COMPLETELY different boys. Add to that a little girl from Ethiopia. . .
Sorry. I just passed out for a second.
Two, I am reminded of Proverbs 22:6. My job is to train up a child in the way HE should go. It’s not a “one size fits all.” It’s a “learn each of them and teach them according to the way they are hard-wired by God.”
Three, it forces me to evaluate true manhood. The world seems to place its expectations on one “type” of boy over against another. Some would say certain characteristics make a “real man.”
But what is a “real man”?
Jesus was and is the manliest of men who ever walked the earth.
He honored women.
He made children laugh.
He washed feet.
He made breakfast.
He respected His parents.
He was gentle and firm.
He was a powerful servant.
He was full of grace and truth.
He lived so others could flourish.
He was invited to parties.
I don’t know for sure, but I imagine He could throw a mean spiral and make a bed frame that would make your grandmother cry.
What’s my point? Again, I don’t know. Not sure if I have one. But at the end of the day, I pray I always remember that God gave me two different boys with two completely different leanings. My job isn’t to make them fit a mold set by the world. It’s to move them toward being like Jesus.
One might become the CEO of Oreos.
One might make his own line of queso.
One might be in New York City, doing Broadway shows every night.
One might hoist the Lombardi trophy.
One might manage a Burger King.
One might manage a Taco Bell.
Either way, I hope to God they love and look like Jesus.
In other words, I hope they become a real man.
I better go. My oldest son is about to explode for me to get home. Pray for me. Gotta roll the windows down on the way. My other son stinks.