Top 10 Books from 2018!

Top 10 Books from 2018

Favorite books I read throughout the year in 2018.

Love Big, Be Well: Letters to a Small-Town Church

By far my favorite read from 2018. This fictional account of a relationship between a pastor and his church is just rich. A must read for any pastor.

The Voice of the Heart: A Call to Full Living

Like no other book I have read before, this book helps readers discover what’s going on in their hearts in order to live the way they were created.

Parenting with Heart

This is far from a parenting “how to” book. This is more of a parenting “how come?” book. In other words, “how come I do or say or act a certain way as a parent?” As with other works by Chip Dodd, this book helps parents identify what is going on in their hearts to better parent with authenticity.

The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact

The Heath brothers never disappoint. I love their style of writing, along with the research they put into all of their work. This book will help you think through ways to make those around you better.

Subversive Spirituality

Eugene Peterson. Best of. There is nothing else left to say.

The Pastor: A Memoir

Eugene Peterson. His thoughts on being a Pastor. Must read.

Irresistible: Reclaiming the New that Jesus Unleashed for the World

Incredibly thought provoking. Do I agree with everything? No. Do I wish he would say things a bit differently? Yes. Should more people process what Stanley says about how Christianity spread? I believe so.

The President Is Missing: A Novel

Maybe I liked this book because I read it while in Cancun? Maybe I liked it because I love the way James Patterson writes? Maybe I liked it because it was about U.S. government? Not sure. But I enjoyed reading through this book over the summer.

White Picket Fences: Turning toward Love in a World Divided by Privilege

I was born into privilege. I live a privileged life and pastor privileged people. This book got me thinking ALOT about this reality, realities that I am still struggling and wrestling with.

Advent: The Once and Future Coming of Jesus Christ

I was introduced to Fleming Rutledge earlier this year and have become a big fan. I love the way she writes, speaks, and thinks. I have never thought about Advent the way it is presented here. Really good stuff.