What Is Breaking YOUR Heart in the World?

I believe Jesus has given each of His children a portion of His compassion. There is something in each of us that causes us pain in our gut when we think about it. A situation. A person. A group of people. Circumstances. Something that is wrong in the world that we long (hurt) to fix in Jesus’ name.

All of us must answer the question, “What is breaking MY heart in the world?” Not your friend’s heart. Not your momma’s. Not your Sunday School teacher’s. Not the latest buzz on Facebook. Yours. What is breaking YOUR heart in the world?

To identify what it is, I believe there are three factors working together:

First, what has gone on in your PAST?

This could be good or bad. It could be something you had and others didn’t. It could be something you didn’t have and later got and know how others can experience the same thing. Consider your upbringing. Consider what God gave and/or allowed to happen. What has happened to you that you know how to help others – in Jesus’ name – overcome, get, and/or work through?

Second, what is God teaching you in the PRESENT?

What is God stirring in your heart right now? What new thing is He doing? What direction is He leading your heart. That “thing” that is breaking your heart in the world may last for decades. Or, it may be a season. Lean into what God has you excited and “worked up about” right now.

Third, what people or circumstances are in your life (PRESENCE)?

When you pay attention to the people and situations in your life, what do you learn? What do you discover? What are the PRESENTS (people, situations, circumstances) God is giving when you allow your PRESENCE?

Wrestle these factors to the ground. Spend time contemplating them. Don’t ignore what the Spirit has put inside of you. Don’t step away from it. Jesus has placed a portion of His compassion for what is wrong with the world in you. And He wants to use you relieve the pain by making disciples.