Where are the High Schoolers?

West Franklin Family,

Four years ago, West Franklin Baptist became The Church at West Franklin, a Regional Campus of Brentwood Baptist Church. After, from what I am told, a long transition – a new church came to be.

Not long after that, the current student minister was led of the Lord to a new and different ministry in another location. As it usually goes, it took a while to find his replacement. The Lord then blessed The Church at West Franklin with another student minister for a rich, but brief, two years.

Again, as it usually goes, it has taken a while to find his replacement.

By God’s good good grace to us, He sent Nathan Page, his wife Tera, and their 5 year old son Eli.

Now. Think about something with me.

The students that were a part of our student ministry 4+ years ago were in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. This would make them now in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade.

If you walk into the student area (newly renovated, by the way), you will see a good number of students. Most of them are middle schoolers. A few high school students have endured, thanks to their walk with Jesus and their parents belief in and commitment to the Church at West Franklin.

Please hear me loud and clear: I am thankful for any and all students. I really am. But can you blame the high schoolers? Can you blame those who have “gone on”? Can you blame those who needed something a bit more solid? For those who have endured, can you imagine their thoughts toward the local church? A hard church transition and now their 3rd student minister in almost as many years?

I know this is the busiest (and “Most Wonderful”) time of the year. But would you join me this Sunday night, December 16th, to simply show our students that we love them? Would you join me to acknowledge they have been dealt a frustrating hand, while committing to help them thrive as humans and Jesus followers? Would you join me in welcoming the Page family, while also expressing gratitude to the student leaders who have stepped up BIG TIME during the transition? Shouldn’t the local church be THE PLACE, with THE PEOPLE whom teenagers can count on?

Again, I know it’s a crazy season. Not the best time to “call an audible” Family Gathering. But wouldn’t it speak volumes to our students to see and hear a church family who hit pause on their busy schedules to say, “We love you and are for you!”?

Yeah. It would.

I’ll see you Sunday night, December 16th, in the Fellowship Hall at 5:30 PM.

I love serving Jesus with you,

Pastor Matt