I read this morning where Your Son ministered to Mary and Martha when their brother Lazarus died (John 11). That entire chapter is rich with insight for us in how You interact with us. When the disciples were confused, Your Son patiently navigated them through their questions. When they misunderstood, Jesus didn’t condemn or belittle them. When Mary and Martha were grieving, John tells us He was deeply moved in His spirit and troubled. We are told He actually wept with them.

In short, Jesus was with them. He didn’t ignore the questions. He didn’t ridicule a misunderstanding. He didn’t shake off a hurting heart. He was right there with them, joining them in their hurt, confusion, grief, and pain.

Thank You for being this way.

I ask that You would help West Franklin know You – the real You. And I ask that You would move in their spirit to draw near and go to You for all things. All. Things. When they misunderstand You. When they are confused. When they hurt. When they grieve. When they are in pain. When they sin. When fight sin. Would You help them know that You are a safe, loving, and kind? Would You help them know that You are with them because You are for them? Father, teach all of us that walking with Your Son is not a compartmentalized thing. It is an “all the time” at “all places” with “everyone” thing. You never leave nor forsake. Like, really. You don’t. Never. Ever.

I think that probably most who read this prayer believe this. We know this. But I ask that it get into our bones, our souls, our minds and our hearts. You can do that. I ask that You would.

Because You are With Us,