I read this morning that Your Son said He came to give life. Abundant life. Life to the full. True life. Real life. Nothing pretend. Nothing empty. Nothing fake.

This is a pretty intense and exclusive claim to make. If Your Son was correct in what He said than He and only He can grant real life. It isn’t found in anything or anyone else. I believe it is true. I know I don’t act like it all the time, but I really do believe it.

Now. Would you be so kind to answer the following request while I am gone on sabbatical? Would you reveal to those entrusted to my care at West Franklin what it means to experience true life? Would you burden the men and women, boys and girls that make up our church with an intense desire to be with, follow, know, and experience Your Son? I want to have abundant life. I want those I pastor to have abundant life. I don’t want us to settle for anything less than what is true and right and fulfilling.

If I may be so bold, Father, in the process of doing this – would you reveal to us the areas of our lives that are hurting us? Those areas that leave us empty? Those tendencies that lead to destruction? So much of the world promises real life!! But it isn’t. Reveal to us the ways we go after life that ultimately harm our souls.

Father, Your Son said that He came for this. This means, at the very least, genuine life comes in knowing how loved I am by You. You stopped at nothing to get to me and all who would believe. So much of my weariness comes from trying to please You, or make up for a wrong that I did, or a guilty emotion that overwhelms me due to my sin. But Jesus took care of all that, didn’t He? Life doesn’t come from me doing for. . . life is a result of me enjoying what has already been done.

Help us, please, to embrace this. Many (most?) of us have heard the good news of the Gospel all of our lives. Make it fresh. Make it new. Show us, Father – by the power of Your Spirit – what it means to experience true life.

Because You Live, So Can We.