This morning I read where Your Son called Himself the Good Shepherd. As a matter of fact, He said, “I am the Good Shepherd.” Using the phrase “I am” to describe Himself hearkens back to when You revealed Yourself to Moses as “I am” in Exodus 3. Jesus is God in the flesh. Jesus is You, Father, with skin on. Everything You are, Jesus manifested when He walked the earth.

He called Himself the Good Shepherd. Not just a shepherd. But the Good Shepherd. Everything He does and everything He says and every single divine action He demonstrates is good. As the Good Shepherd, Jesus said He lays down His life for the sheep. And, beautifully, as the Good Shepherd, He knows – very intimately and completely – His sheep. What a thought! This Good Shepherd, who is God Himself, knows everything about us. . . and still laid His life down on our behalf!! Jesus didn’t wait until we got our act together. Jesus didn’t pick out the ones He knew were “good.” No. Jesus, knowing everything about us, voluntarily – out of a heart of deep love – chose to give His life to rescue us.

Heavenly Father – would you PLEASE make this incredible reality a firm reality in the hearts and minds and lives of those I pastor at the Church at West Franklin? I pray that each one of us would walk with the Good Shepherd. Listen for the Good Shepherd’s voice. Heed His calling to follow. Believe everything about Him is Good. Be in awe that He would – knowing us full well – die for us. Give your sheep, the ones at The Church at West Franklin, ears to hear Him; eyes to see Him; and a zeal to want to be where He is.

I pray for those who are anxious today. For those who are tired. For those who are sick. For those who are depressed. For those whose children are driving them crazy. For those whose parents are driving them crazy. For those who wonder where You are. For those who received a lot of good news this week. For those who have received nothing but bad news for several weeks straight. For those who have fallen into sin again. For those who wish they could stop eating so much. For those who wish they would stop obsessing over social media. For those who cannot stop being fearful about the upcoming election. For each of these and everyone in between. Would you – by Your supernatural power – make the reality of the Good Shepherd a firm reality in our hearts. May His presence grant us the grace to breathe. To smile. To remember it is going to be okay.

Because You are Good,