God has called me to preach the God of the Bible to people who think they know Him.

To put it another way, God has called me to preach to church people. Church people who have grown up in church, consider themselves to be “good,” and are at the building every time the doors are open. They have a head knowledge of God. They have had a couple of “God experiences.” But their hearts aren’t yet burning. They know the Bible. They have taught the Bible. But the Bible hasn’t been allowed to go down deep into their souls. They love a good sermon. They love a good Bible Study. They love their curriculum and quarterlies. But they don’t really think about the fact that the Bible, or better yet the God of the Bible, is there to transform and be worshipped— all the time. As a matter of fact, they so love “their church” that they forget to love the God driving it all. The people God has called me to preach to follow their ways rather than Jesus. They have good motives. They—for the most part—aren’t in deliberate disobedience. They just haven’t thought about it.

That’s where I come in.

I want them to think about it. I want them to consider. I want them – those who know and love their Bible’s – to reconsider what the Bible really does say. Not so they can have even more knowledge. Please no! But so they can really be transformed by the God of the Bible and know and love and follow this God that is so, so good.

This blog aims to help me, and others, do this better. It will help me, because the more I write and think through things – the better I become. I hope it helps you, the preacher, to pick up a couple of “best practices” that I have learned along the way. I hope you will pass on some to me – and other readers – also.

The reader (other than myself) I have in mind for this blog is a mid-twenties something aspiring pastor. He’s either in, about to begin, or finished with seminary. He’s single, or newly married, or has young kids. He’s looking for a church to pastor, just started pastoring, or been in it long enough to be desperate for help. The reader I have in mind doesn’t come here for a theology of biblical truths and doctrines (though there will be some at times) or for how to exegete a text (though that will be represented sparingly as well). The reader I have in mind comes here for practical, down to earth, recommendations, suggestions, and lessons on preaching I have learned/am learning.

Maybe you aren’t a preacher and are thinking, “Well, this blog definitely is not for me.” That’s fine and thanks for stopping by. But if you know anyone who you think might benefit, please pass it along. Who knows? Maybe we can learn from one another. Lord knows, our churches need some good preaching!

Formal Biography

Matt Pearson is the Campus & Teaching Pastor at The Church at West Franklin. He previously served as pastor of the First Baptist Church in El Dorado, AR (2012-2014), Wynne Baptist Church in Wynne, AR (2005-2012), and Friendship Baptist Church in Amite, LA (2001-2005). Prior to this, he served as Student Pastor at Wooley Springs Baptist Church in Ardmore, AL (1999-2000).

Originally from North Alabama, Matt graduated from Auburn University (1999) before receiving a Masters Degree (Expository Preaching) from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (2004) and a PhD (Preaching/Practical Theology) from the Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary (2009). He loves spending time with his 3 children, Luke, Seth, and Birti, going on dates with his wife, Katie, drinking strong Starbucks coffee, and yelling at the TV when Auburn is playing football.