The pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced this week the tremendous news that they are close to having a COVID-19 vaccine available. They are 90% confident of its effectiveness to cure and (perhaps even) prevent this dreaded virus. Think about that for just a moment. Seriously. Go ahead. I’ve got all day.
First of all, who would have imagined in January that we would even need a vaccine for a pandemic? I certainly didn’t. 
Second, consider the fact that this thing didn’t really “take over the world” (or at least North America) until March. Here we are in November – a mere seven months later – and there is the strong possibility of a vaccine before we turn the calendar to 2021. 
Third, along these same lines, think about this: what a grace it is from God that this is even a possibility. On the one hand, the fact that He created people with minds to be able to develop such a thing. Grace. Pure grace. On the other hand, the reality that a potential cure/preventative is happening this year. Seriously. That’s nuts. If YOU were God, would you grant this country any grace this year? I know I wouldn’t. If I were God, I would make this country suffer a bit more. Think back over the past seven months. The gripes. The complaints. The anger. The rage. The vitriol. The arguing. The darkness. And now, after all that – there is talk of a cure? Oh my. Grace. Sheer grace.
I’m glad I’m not God. Truth be told? I’m glad you aren’t either. God is God and He can’t help but be gracious.
Grace is being blessed instead of cursed. Grace is getting good when what is deserved is bad. Grace is having a seat at the table when you deserve a kick to the curb. Grace is having the Father run to you with kisses when you deserve to be summoned for punishment.
I don’t know if Pfizer will come through. I may learn later today that their experiments failed. That’s okay. Just the fact they’re close and they’re trying is a gift this country (myself included) doesn’t deserve. But that’s grace. God’s grace. Amazing grace. Grace that will lead us home.