Jon Bloom is one of my favorite authors. I love the way the Lord gifted him to write and how he shares that gift with us.

If you are looking for a Christmas sermon idea, let me encourage you to get his book Not By Sight, turn to chapter 10, and read the chapter “Facing a Painful Decision.”

Here’s how Bloom starts the chapter:

“Have you ever wondered why God sent the angel to inform Mary that she would conceive the Messiah by the Holy Spirit, yet forced Joseph to agonize over what to do about Mary’s pregnancy before sending the angel to him? Imagine what those throbbing, awkward hours must have been like for him.”

His conclusion?

“God will not spare us from all awkward and painful decisions. Neither will he spare us from all wrong decisions resulting from our fallen finiteness, even if they are made in the integrity of our hearts. God has His purposes in all of these. But what we can trust Him to do is faithfully give us the correction and guidance we need at the time He deems right.”