Her: “I just don’t think ‘door to door’ evangelism is going to work in our neighborhood.”

Me: “I agree. We live in a different time.”


Me: “What surface level needs do the people in your neighborhood have?”

Her: “The older folks who live here are lonely. The younger families crave community. We see the younger families out, talking together, watching sporting events and movies outside, drinking beer and having a good time being together.”

Me: “What would it look like if the parents of one of those young families was a Jesus follower?”

Her: “Okay. . . go on.”

Me: “Well, if one or two couples among these young families were followers of Jesus, they could be building relationships with these people; getting to know them; having fun with them; hanging out at these impromptu ‘get together’s’ in the cul-de-sac.”

Her: “Okay. . . go on.”

Me: “Eventually, they will hear an opportunity for Gospel-speak. One night, before they all go home, one of the wives is going to say, under her breath, ‘If my husband hits me again tonight I don’t know what I am going to do.’ Or, one of the husbands is going to say, ‘If I don’t make that sale this week, there is a good chance I will lose my job.’ When those comments come, the door is open for ministry. For love. For concern. For compassion. For prayer. For Jesus.”

Her: “Oh! So you are saying we – or young Christian families like these other families – should probably be with our/their neighbors? We shouldn’t be looking for ways to shove the Gospel at them, but looking for ways to show the Gospel to them, leading to ways to share the Gospel with them?”

Me: “That’s exactly what I am saying.”

What about YOU? Who are you engaging where you live, work, or play – that build relationships that lead to ministry opportunities that lead to Gospel conversations?