West Franklin Family,

I would like to lose 5-10 lbs. I had my annual physical this week and, well, let’s just leave it at that. I would like to lose a little weight. But you know what I like more? Chips. And Cheez-Its. And Salsa. And Chips. And, Bread. Lots of Bread. And Chips. You know what I would REALLY like? Being able to continue my nightly habit of eating chips AND lose weight. You see, I want to lose a little bit. The doctor’s office confirmed it would be good to do. But I don’t want to do anything different to bring about the desired weight loss. And do you know what is really odd? For some reason, in my mind, if I think hard enough about losing some weight – then the pounds will begin to fall off. Know what that is? INSANE.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. If I keep doing the same thing, I will continue to get the same result. It is insane to think that if I continue my routine of Chip and Cheez-It eating and desire weight loss that I will automatically lose weight. That’s not how it works. Only a crazy person would actually think so.

West Franklin, do you know how many people we have baptized over the past 18+ months who was not a child and/or someone who came up through our church? One. Yep. You read that right. You might want to read it again. Our church has baptized one person in close to two years who was not already a part of West Franklin. And the one person who was baptized outside of West Franklin was sent here by a member of another Brentwood campus. Hear me: I am thrilled we have had ANY baptisms. I love baptizing anyone who confesses Christ – whether a part of our church or not. It is why we do what we do.

BUT. . .

If this is true, and it is, it reveals a significant implication: We haven’t seen anyone (in recent history) come to Christ who either (a) wasn’t part of us already; and (b) wasn’t sent to us by someone else. Gulp. Last I checked, there is power in the Gospel. And last I checked, there are many who have yet to trust Jesus in our city. If there is power in the Gospel (and there is) and if there are people without Jesus in our city (and there are), then this means one of two things: West Franklin either isn’t talking to people without Jesus about Jesus; or people are constantly rejecting our invitation to trust Him.

I think we all know what’s really happening. If we keep doing the same thing(s), we will continue getting the same result(s).

West Franklin, the time is NOW. Our mission is to engage the whole person with the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ – anywhere, anytime, with anybody. Our strategy to see this accomplished is seeing everyone in a Group, everyone having Gospel Conversations, and everyone Going on mission. Either we agree to be all in on this, or we continue “ho-humming” along. Insanity is thinking we can continue doing what we are doing and expect different results. Let me be blunt: It is insane to think we can continue doing church the way we have been doing church and expect to see people trust Jesus and be baptized.

Does God need us to do this for Him? Of course not. He needs nothing and can do anything He chooses to do. But here’s the thing: He chooses to use people to accomplish the mission. In fact, people are the mission. And here’s something else: we get to join Him in what He is doing in our city. He invites us along. With Him. As we follow and remain with Him, He transforms us and circumstances and people He puts in and around our lives.

West Franklin, I am not sure about your normal routine, but what are one or two tweaks the Spirit may prompt you to make?

  • Maybe identify one person you know who doesn’t yet know Jesus and commit to praying for them daily?
  • Maybe simply ask the Lord every morning to open your eyes to what He is doing around you throughout the day?
  • Maybe join a Group if you aren’t in one? Or step out and lead a Group? (Email Dave Kruse)
  • Maybe learn of ways you can Go on Mission? (Email Josh Lynn)
  • Maybe ask a person who doesn’t yet know Jesus to lunch to get to know his/her story?
  • Maybe learn about ways to have Gospel Conversations? (Email Josh Lynn)
  • Maybe invite someone in your neighborhood over for dinner to get to know their story?
  • Maybe set your alarm a few minutes earlier so you can read the Bible, asking the Spirit to speak to you?
  • Maybe something else the Spirit is leading you to do?

Last Saturday, I pleaded with you to return to church “in person.” Last Sunday morning, I urged you to decide NOW to be “all in.” Today, I want to call us away from an insane mentality. If we continue doing what we are doing, expecting different results. . .

I believe we are on the cusp of one of the greatest seasons of Gospel fruit this church has ever experienced. For us to see it fulfilled, each of us will need to listen to and obey the Spirit. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow with my Bible open to Luke 24:25-27.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go look for an apple or something healthy.

Running from Insanity,

Pastor Matt

Tomorrow morning at 8:45 am, we are hosting Discover Us!

Saturday, April 24th, we will be “Going” on mission at New Hope Academy for Engage Middle Tennessee Day!

Sunday night, May 2nd, we will be having a Spring Family Gathering!