West Franklin Family,

I’m hopeful.

Let me give you a snapshot as to why. Just this week . . .

  • I met with a young lady God rescued while in prison, has been attending West Franklin, completed the Discover classes, and is awaiting baptism.
  • I met with another young lady who God rescued several years ago and is fast becoming a Spirit-drenched leader in our church.
  • I had a phone call with a gentleman who lives in Phoenix, Arizona. He and his wife have been watching our services and want to be a part of our church when they move here later this year.
  • I met a couple Sunday morning who have been watching us from Richmond, Virginia. They plan to attend our campus when they move here later this year.
  • I had a conversation with a young man (late twenties/early thirties?) who is is eager to know more about what faith looks like.
  • I had another conversation with a single guy in his late twenties who found our church to be “just what he needed” when he moved here a couple of years ago. [Side Note: Do you know of many single guys looking for a church when they move to the Nashville area? And, do you think it was easy for him to find us? My point? God did it!]
  • I received a text from an older gentleman – a newcomer to West Franklin –  that read simply, “I want to be a Boaz and find out who my Boaz is.”
  • I learned Dave Kruse had one meeting with a young couple and has another scheduled with a different couple – both eager to start new groups.

Add to all this that for two days I met with the other Brentwood Baptist campus pastors, planning the sermon series for 2022. As of now, the first four months leading up to Easter, the plan is to walk through John’s Gospel. Four months in the Gospel of John. Four months unveiling the beauty and majesty and splendor of Jesus. Four months of lifting up Jesus – trusting He will draw men and women to Himself.

Now consider this: I am typing out the first draft of this letter on Wednesday. Yep. Everything you just read happened this week – and it’s only WEDNESDAY.

So yes, I’m hopeful.

It’s not that I wasn’t before, mind you. But there seems to be a different level of excitement now. Of God moving. Of God stirring. Of God doing those things only He does. Of God giving us people and anticipation and changed lives and exuberance and opportunities.

Here’s what I love about all of this: We didn’t do it. These are things God has done and/or is doing. We simply get to receive it, join in with Him, and celebrate what is being given. It is amazing to me how, when/if our eyes are open and our hearts are postured in prayer, we become awake to what the Father is doing. We don’t have to strive. We receive and join in. We don’t have to push. We accept and become alive. We don’t look for ways out of something. We look for what He is doing right before our very eyes.

West Franklin, the potential for us to see darkness being chased with Gospel light in Franklin is really not a thing. It’s  already here. It’s happening. It’s being given. The Gospel has power to save. The church will never be overcome. The Spirit is stirring in hearts. People are being sent from all over. It’s here. The kingdom of heaven is within us.

What is He showing you? Who is He bringing you? How are you joining in? What is He saying to you?

What will next week look like?

May God give us eyes to see and ears to hear,

Pastor Matt

Tomorrow, make sure you have your Bible open to Ruth 4 as we close out the series.

And please don’t forget to sign up to help and/or register your child for VBS!