Changing frequently. Adjusting loyalties. One way one day. Another way another day. Like a tennis ball. Constantly on a different side of the net. A fickle person is courageous one moment and a coward the next. Their heart’s affection is settled on one thing, then another, then another. Fickle people aren’t usually thought about in the most positive way. People are fickle with fickle people.

If I’m being real, I find myself in a fickle more than I care to admit. Whether it’s emotions or affections or energy or commitments or zeal toward something – I can be incredibly fickle. I can even, dare I say it, be fickle in my walk with Jesus. There are days I want to set the world on fire for Jesus. There are other days I am just happy if I don’t think too many bad words. There are days I read my Bible and I feel like I audibly hear Him speak. There are other days when I wonder if I’ve gone deaf. There are days I want everyone to know that I know and love and follow Jesus. There are other days I don’t even want to talk to anyone. There are moments when I want everyone to know I am preacher. At other moments, I wonder if I am even supposed to be one at all.

Know what I mean? Or is it just me?

This is why I love Peter so much. Yeah. That Peter. The one in the Bible. Wanna talk about fickle? Oh my. It feels like Peter was in a fickle all the time. For example, consider the night Jesus was arrested. In a span of 8 verses (John 18:10-17), Peter goes from cutting off a guy’s ear who was coming after Jesus to denying even knowing Him to a young servant girl. One moment Peter is flexing his muscles for Jesus, ready to fight for Him with all he’s got. The next, he can’t even help but concern himself with the approval of a tween-ager. One moment he’s posting a picture of what he read in the Bible on Instagram. The next he is removing the post for fear of who might label him a Jesus freak.

Peter, like us, stayed in a fickle most of the time.

You know who’s not fickle? JESUS. That’s right. He doesn’t love us one second and hate us the next. His heart doesn’t burn with affection toward us when we do “good things,” but tone down his affection when we mess up (again). Nope. Jesus places His love on us and never removes it. Go back and read John 18-21. See for yourself. Jesus predicted Peter’s fickle outbursts and never stopped loving him. In fact, even after Peter followed through with Jesus’s not-so-flattering-to-Peter predictions, the resurrected Jesus actually pursued Peter to show/tell of His love for him.

God’s love for you is not based on your fickle or un-fickle actions today. He’s promised to love you. That will never-ever change.