Without doubt, one of the most freeing pieces of advice on preaching I have ever received was to simply “get on base.” Jim Shaddix, one of my preaching professors at NOBTS, wisely told us preacher boys that when you try to hit a home run every Sunday, you will usually strike out. But when you just try to get on base, you will eventually score some runs.

That, preacher friend, will free you up. Jim Shaddix is right. The harder you swing for the seats, the more you will swing and miss. But focusing on getting your people to first base, will allow you to focus on getting your people from point A to point B week after week after week. Your “success” rate will be incredibly higher AND the intense pressure will be removed.

So take a deep breath. Relax. It’s not the bottom of the 9th. Your team is not down 3. You don’t need to hit a grand slam this Sunday. All you need to do is make contact. Connect your people with a glorious truth from Scripture. Get to first base. If you do this every time, they will eventually be led to home base.