West Franklin Family,

Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you ignore your teeth, they will just go away”? It’s true, isn’t it? If you ignore those pearly white chompers behind your lips; the things surrounding your tongue, they will eventually leave. They will fall out. They will rot. They will leave you, well, toothless.

Ignoring a problem usually only makes things worse.

The Pearson’s are currently dealing with this very thing. One of the five Pearson’s (who shall remain nameless – even though, who am I kidding, no one but me reads these letters!) allowed their toilet to overflow. Instead of dealing with the problem or fetching help, this particular Pearson assumed the problem would go away during the night. After all, what’s a little water that continues to gush out of a potty for hours?

The problem that was supposed to “just go away” turned into a massive leak, impacting both levels of our two story home. A significant portion of floors need replacing, ceiling’s restored, and most of the downstairs repainted. In case you are unaware, it doesn’t take water long to do some serious damage.

The problem didn’t just go away. The problem became bigger and uglier and wetter and more destructive. What could have been handled with a hefty plunger and some towels is now being tackled with insurance companies, restoration businesses, carpenters, plumbers, and painters. So. Fun.

The Pearson responsible genuinely did not mean for it to get out of hand. This family member never dreamed it would become this bad in a matter of hours. They honestly believed it would be dry by morning. But it wasn’t.

The problem did not “just go away.” It got worse. Much worse.

This has allowed me to evaluate areas in my own life. What are some problems in and around me that I hope will “just go away”? What are some areas that need tending? What are some conversations that need to be had? Where are some danger zones in my life that if left unaddressed could lead to massive destruction? Looking the other way won’t help. Pretending there is no problem is unwise. Hoping it will go away will only make it worse.

What about you? You got a “potty overflowing”? Got an issue you think that if you just close the door and turn out the lights all will be well by morning?

Is there a conversation you need to have before things get worse?

Is there a relationship that needs to be stopped before it gets out of hand?

Is there a spending habit that could lead to financial strain?

Is there a spiritual practice that is being neglected?

Is there a daily routine that is leaving you empty or lifeless or cold?

Pay attention to the warning signs. If the potty doesn’t flush properly, something’s wrong. Overflowing water will not go away by morning. I promise – dealing with the issue NOW may be a bit uncomfortable. But you will be glad you did. Think of it this way: it’s either a plunger and towels now or destruction, along with long lasting and expensive and inconvenient renovations, later. Or, to put it another way: it could be a cup of coffee now; or court, attorney fees, and partial custody later.

As I’ve heard one pastor say, “Pay attention to the tension.” Don’t act like it’s not there and hope it will just go away. It doesn’t take long for some water to do massive damage. Similarly, little issues can lead to immense destruction – in a flush.. . .I mean flash.

Go get a plunger and some towels. I promise you will be glad you did.

I cannot WAIT to see you tomorrow morning with my Bible open to Romans 8. We will observe baptism in the 10:30 am service and, wait for it, pass the plates for the offertory. Glory hallelujah. Gonna be a good day.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have another phone call to make to our home insurance company.

Because He Lives,

Pastor Matt