West Franklin Family,

I had a nice long letter ready to send out to you this morning. . . but the internet and cell service is down at my house. . . due to a bomb that went off in downtown Nashville . . . on Christmas Day 2020.

I couldn’t send the letter because, well, no internet. . . due to a bomb that went off in downtown Nashville . . . on Christmas Day 2020.

So now I am using the guest Wifi at the church to send this to you. I am not sure if I will be able to send it. Know why? Because I am on spotty guest wifi at the church. . . due to a bomb that went off in downtown Nashville . . . on Christmas Day 2020. . . and the bomb knocked out internet and cell service.

Tomorrow morning, all 8 campuses will tune in to watch the pre-recorded worship service at Brentwood Baptist. Know why? Because we moved everything to on-line only – due to COVID – remember that? Know why everyone will have to watch Brentwood? Because someone bombed downtown Nashville on Christmas morning knocking out internet and cell service.

Would you expect anything different on the last Saturday of 2020? Me either. I mean, of course someone set a bomb off on Christmas Day using an RV – causing countless people to be without cell or internet service! 2020? Bye-Bye!!!

Here’s the deal, West Franklin. You and I can do one of two things today, tomorrow, and the next day. We can get all down and wallow (“waller” for those from Alabama and Mississippi) in our despair and wonder “what next?” Or, we can be grateful for the fact that Jesus didn’t come to earth that first Christmas and think, “good grief! I am going back to heaven!” Nope. Jesus stayed. He lived with us. Walked with us. Died for us. Rose to life for us. And now lives with us and in us.

I don’t like any of this. I can’t even watch boring bowl games today. (Gasp!) But if you think about it, the day after Christmas can be better than the actual day itself. Jesus didn’t come and bail on us. No sir. No ma’am. He came and stayed. And regardless of what we can or cannot do today, or who we can or cannot contact today – we can know He is with us.

I am not sure when we see one another again. We will, though. And we will have stories. Maybe, just maybe, one of you will share how the presence of Jesus got you through.

Until then, your pastor loves you.

Praying for joy and peace (and internet!),

Pastor Matt