West Franklin Family,

Paul told the believers in Thessalonica that when Jesus returns, He will be “marveled at” by those who believe (2Thessalonians 1:10). It literally means to be struck with wonder. To be shocked, surprised, taken back, blown away with joy. “Marvel” is probably a good word to use because, really, we will have no words. When you truly marvel at something, words can’t quite capture the emotion.

Like a young child turning the corner and seeing the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

Like a young boy or girl walking into a major college or professional stadium for the first time.

Like when you see the one you are going to marry smile back at you.

Like beholding a water fall or ocean or sunset or a child at birth.

Like a toddler saying to their parent, “Do it again!”

Marvel. Awe. Wonder. Shock. Surprise. Delight. It is what Jesus is coming back for. An eternity of us doing that.

Let’s think about this for a moment. Usually, when we marvel at something we are experiencing an emotion we didn’t expect. We are “taken back” by something that came upon us, seemingly out of nowhere. We are getting something we didn’t see coming. If you think about it, it’s exactly how grace works. Grace produces marvel. Marveling comes when grace is executed. We expect punishment, but get peace. We expect to be repaid for what we did, but get kindness instead. We anticipate a God who is angry with us, but we get One who is gentle and loving. We anticipate a distant, silent God. We get an intimately close and talkative One. We anticipate needing to work our way back into His good favor. We discover He has already come to us. We plan to prove that we “really mean it this time.” We learn He isn’t so much worried about that. We think certain conditions have to be met. We marvel that it is all unconditional.

When Jesus comes, He will come to be marveled at by those who are already marveling. The marveling will only continue. In other words, we won’t begin marveling at His return. The marveling starts when grace lands on you. And if you and I understand Jesus at all, His grace is constant and continuous.

Zaccheus as he climbed down the tree.

Thomas as he put his fingers in the nail-scarred hands.

Lazarus when he walked out of the tomb.

The Samaritan woman leaving her water pot.

The adulteress woman looking at all the rocks on the ground.

The little boy watching his fish and bread multiply.

Mary when she heard her name called by the assumed Gardener.

The centurion as he watched Jesus breathe His last breath.

The criminal anticipating Paradise.

You and me when we realize He really did take our place and is now in us, with us.

Jesus is coming back to be marveled at by those of us who are already marveling. If you think about it, West Franklin, this should be our constant disposition. Shock. Awe. Surprise. Amazement. Joy. Delight. Wonder.

Let’s be a people who are known to marvel.

Pastor Matt

FYI: We will close out our 5 month series in Luke tomorrow morning. My Bible will be open to Luke 24:28-35 AND we will observe the Lord’s Supper in both services.

Don’t forget – NEXT SUNDAY – May 2nd – SPRING FAMILY GATHERING (5-7 pm).