You’ve determined the broad and specific meaning of the text.
You’ve thought through how it needs to be communicated. (also here and here and here  here).
You’ve ensured it is a Christian sermon.
You’ve got all of these parts and pieces and thoughts and ideas floating around.
How do you put together a sermon in a concise, simple, easy-to-follow, compelling way? You are taking people on a journey. You better know where you are going so you can know when you have arrived.
Start by asking yourself, “What’s the purpose?” In other words, considering all you have arranged and put together, you need to ask yourself, “What is the key idea I want the audience to hear?” Or, “What do I want them to do as a result of this message?” If your people only took one thing away from the message, what do you hope it is? This doesn’t mean you have to communicate only one point or truth. There may be several. But what do you want your people to get more than anything else?
Once you have asked and answered that question – you are then ready to build your sermon to that end.