In an attempt to grab the congregation’s attention, I flashed on the screens a picture of an Old Spice bottle of cologne. The old school version. The purpose was to compare Old Spice cologne to the Sabbath. I began the message similar to this:

When you see a bottle of Old Spice cologne, I assume one of several thoughts come into your mind. For some of you, you see that and think, “Wow. That is old school. That is what my granddad used to wear.” Or, “That was the very first cologne I put on myself when I was a little boy.” Many of you look at Old Spice and think, “Wow, that is archaic.” 

Others of you look at that bottle and think, “Man, I love this stuff! This has served me well for decades! Thanks Pastor for calling attention to it! Old Spice is wonderful!” If that’s you, there is a reason you are sitting by yourself. (Just kidding. . . sort of)

Still others of you see a picture of Old Spice and think, “What in the world is that?” You have never seen or heard of Old Spice cologne. Perhaps the new versions of deo and body spray, but not the glass bottle cologne from yesteryear. 

I am guessing that when many of you hear the word “Sabbath,” you think very similar things. Some of you think, “Wow. That’s a blast from the past. I haven’t thought about that word in a long, long time. I remember my grandparents talking about the Sabbath.” 

Still others are thinking, “Amen preacher! Finally a sermon on the Sabbath! It’s about time these young whipper snappers start setting aside Sunday as a holy day. Let’s bring back covered dish lunches and Sunday night church! Let’s make the Sabbath great again! Back to the good old days!”

And still others of you are thinking, “Sabbath? What is that? Is that a new rock band? Can I Google that? What does Sabbath mean?”


This allowed me to dive right into the heart of the message about the Sabbath being a gift from God to remind us that life is precious, we aren’t Him, and to breathe.