In a recent sermon on Praying the Scriptures, I wanted to highlight how a benefit of this discipline is deepening our relationship with the Father. He knows how we talk. He knows our language. He knows our heart. However, we aren’t always “well versed” (pun intended) in how He talks and what is on His heart. To go deep with someone in relationship means to relate to them in these areas.

Think about it: Those people you know the best, those people you go deep with, those people whom you have a real and intimate relationship with – those are the people who you know and who know you. You know what they mean when they talk. You know what drives them. You know what their burdens are. You know their heart and what they are after. You understand what they mean when they text you an emoji. In short, you enjoy being with each other because you both “get” the other. It’s the best kind of relationship.

Praying the Scriptures does this for our relationship with God. It’s not the only kind of praying there is. But it is a kind of praying that leads us to “get” God. They are His words. They are His thoughts. They are what drives Him and moves Him.

Relationships deepen as you learn and listen and “get” what is going on with the other person. It’s the same with the Father. He knows how you roll. When you talk with Him, pray using His words. You will begin to better “get” Him, allowing the relationship to be full and rich.