In an effort to explain God’s harsh treatment of the Egyptians in Exodus 7-10, I asked several questions.  On the surface, it seems like the Father is being remarkably ruthless. Sure, the Egyptians deserved it. Yes, Pharoah continued to harden his heart time and time again. But why did God proceed to pummel the Egyptians over and over and over again? Reading these chapters in Exodus is like watching a fight where the stronger one refuses to relent or let up.

Using the following questions as illustrations, here was my best shot to explain:

Have you ever walked by a bird’s nest without knowing you were walking by a bird’s nest? Have you ever felt a bird darting toward your head, only to look down and see a nest with eggs or baby chicks in it? At that moment, you realize that momma bird is coming for you if you don’t back away. Momma bird is making her presence known that if you get anywhere close to that nest, she is coming to take your face off. Ever happened to you?

Have you ever met a bear robbed of her cubs? Me either. And I don’t want to. Why? Because when someone messes with that momma’s babies, the wrath of momma is soon behind.


What would you do if one of your children was abducted and abused?

What would you do if you could get your hands on the person who abducted and abused one of your children?

What would you do if you had all the power in the universe at your disposal and all of creation in the palm of your hands?

Why did God do what He did to the Egyptians? Exactly what we want Him to do. Exactly what we need Him to do. Precisely what we long from our God. He was letting the world know loud and clear: “Nobody – and I mean NOBODY – messes with My children.”