I am not sure about you, but I have a very difficult time knowing when to shut my mouth and when to open it. I am really good at keeping it open when it needs to be shut and/or keeping it shut when I need to open it. But having a healthy balance? I need help. Actually, I need the Spirit and wisdom of God.

Gratefully, God has given us an entire book of wisdom called Proverbs. Last year, being concerned about rightly shutting and opening my mouth, I compiled a list of what Proverbs says about the mouth. I then categorized what I found and wrote down some thoughts. If you are like me and have a hard time knowing when to keep quiet and when to speak, I want to give you a free Ebook. It’s a 21-day devotional of what I found in Proverbs and what God is teaching me.

Simply scroll down a bit on this blog and fill in your name and email address. God willing, the Ebook will be sent to your inbox. This will also subscribe you to the blog, delivering new posts to the same inbox.

I am going to shut my mouth now and let you get started on the free Ebook!