Table Talk Questions – July 12th, 2020 Sermon – “Do You Have Any Right to be Angry?” (Jonah 4:4, 9)

Questions to Ask With Your Family:

  1. What is your favorite part about the story of Jonah?
  2. Why was Jonah so angry?
  3. What are some things that make you angry?
  4. Why do you think they make you angry?
  5. Do you believe Jesus knows what He’s doing?
  6. Do you believe God’s love is big enough for the whole world?
  7. How should we pray today?


More In-Depth Questions to Ask with a Group:

  1. Name a time you found yourself getting really angry recently.
  2. What would you say was the cause of your anger? Did you ever stop to think about it?
  3. Twice in eleven verses (Jonah 4:4,9) in Jonah 4, God asks Jonah if he has any right to be angry. What had gone on that lead God to ask that question? (Group leader may need to tell the story of Jonah here and catch group up to speed)
  4. Jonah was so angry because what was happening (Ninevites experiencing revival) was not what Jonah wanted to happen (mind his own business and comfort and be prideful he was a Hebrew). What are some times your plans changed and it made you very mad? What does your anger say about your belief of God’s sovereign goodness in and around our lives?
  5. How would you counsel Jonah?
  6. How might Jonah’s situation been different had he embraced a posture of humility and curiosity and learning, choosing to be amazed at the ways of God?
  7. Why are YOU angry? What is it about God’s plans right now that you are refusing to embrace?


For Further Study on Anger:

Voice of the Heart by Chip Dodd

See Chapter 6 on Anger