Taking Your Kids’ Kids – Part Three

Cousin’s Camp. A dream for all involved. Grandparents, grandchildren, and the children’s parents – Win. Win. Win.

Reason one? Marriage renewal. Reason two? Deep layers of love.

Let me give you a third reason taking your kids’ kids is a big deal.

Third, Taking Your Kids’ Kids Allows Them to See Another Biblical Marriage

Not only does this help your grandchildren’s parents renew their marriage, and not only does it communicate the deep layers of love they have, but they get to see another couple demonstrate what God said marriage should be. Let me ask you: Do you think your grandchildren need to see more, or less of what a biblical marriage looks like? I thought so. I don’t have to tell you that what God ordained and blessed as a marriage continues to be marred, weakened, and ignored. You see it. You know it. You don’t like it. But it’s true.

Here’s the thing: no one cares how much you gripe about it. You and I can complain about it all day long. That doesn’t do anybody any good. Why don’t you model it for your grand-kids, rather than moan about how awful society is today? Instead of them dreading a conversation with you about how “bad things are,” why don’t you model for them a marriage they would actually desire? Why don’t you leave them with memories about how much grandpaw loved grandmaw? Give them the memory of hearing you laugh together and hugging one another and talking about how wonderful the other is. Your grand-kids don’t want to hear how bad their generation is. If what God says is so good, they want to see it. They want proof.

When you take your kids’ kids for a while, you have an opportunity to model for them what a biblical marriage looks like. Husband and wife. Years of marriage. Stories of God’s faithfulness. Testimonies of God’s provision and grace.

Meemaw. .Pawpaw. . . don’t neglect the chances you have to “show and tell” rather than “gripe and groan.”

Tomorrow? How being with your grand-kids keeps you young.