In three days, our nation will elect a new President or re-elect the current one. I don’t have to tell you that things have been pretty crazy around here. Division. Name calling. Hateful opinions expressed everywhere. Fear. Rage. Doomsday feeling. Gloom. I cannot imagine what it all does to Your heart.

As the first Tuesday in November rushes upon us, please hear my prayer for West Franklin. Would you grant, by Your Spirit, to help us hold a healthy balance between being citizens of Your kingdom, while living as citizens here on earth? Would you help us remember that our ultimate allegiance and faith and hope are to and in You? Would Your Spirit overwhelm our spirit’s with a calm trust and reliance in Your sovereign plan and rule? May we vote according to the convictions you put inside us, that align with Your word and Your heart? May we be informed, knowledgeable, and determined to exercise our Christian influence in the voter’s box? And then, please, may we rest in the outcome? May we, in a sense, vote as if it depended on us; but know – deep down – that it ultimately depends on You? And may we rest and relax in the outcome, recognizing that no power or authority is greater than Yours?

And Father, regardless of who wins, there will be pain and division. Many will not like the outcome. Many will be hurt by the outcome. Many will take it personally and feel like they have been kicked in the gut. Regardless of the outcome, would you please give us – Your people – a heart of compassion? A heart of mercy? A heart of love? A heart overflowing with grace? I believe what is going on in our hearts comes out most clearly toward those we disagree with. May we rush to be kind. May we rush to be loving. May we rush to flood the people around us with grace. Again, regardless of the outcome, may our response be one that demonstrates where our ultimate allegiance and citizenship lies.

Our Father, who art in Heaven – Hallowed be YOUR name. May Your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.